GUEST CHEF CLASS Friday, December 21st 1pm-3pm: Poppyseed & Nut Rolls

GUEST CHEF CLASS Friday, December 21st 1pm-3pm: Poppyseed & Nut Rolls


This is a very special class with guest instructor, Kamila Burgess, a Slovakian immigrant in conjunction with the nonprofit organization, Local Abundance Kitchen.

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Guest Instructor Class hosted by Local Abundance Kitchen, a 501c3 nonprofit organization:


Friday, December 21st 1pm-3pm
at Cool Beans Café
103 W. Liberty Street, Medina OH
in historic Medina Square

Kamila, a Slovakian immigrant, works with the local refugee and immigrant community in Cleveland. This class is offered in partnership with Local Abundance Kitchen, our nonprofit organization which offers cooking class taught by refugees. Kamila will share her culture's Christmas traditions and more about her experience as an immigrant and working with this population.

More about Kamila:
I was born and raised in Slovakia. Most of my early childhood through age 10, I lived in the small village where my dad was pastor of a small congregation. I have cherished and sweet memories from those innocent, beautiful years. I can close my eyes and see our orchard covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. I can peer out of the window and still see our small brook, frozen over, running by the house. It was important because if it was frozen, it was time to put on ice skates! It is those sweet memories from putting on warm cloths and dragging through the snow that goes well above your knees to getting stuck and then crying for my father to pull me out that I remember the most.  Then I would wait until he  shoveled the pathway to the wood pile and carry the wood to the basement to feed our fire burning furnace. Mom always made us tea with honey to warm up afterwards.  Yes, Christmas wouldn't be the same without Christmas cookies. I can smell the gingerbread cookies, as my mom would roll out the dough and let us cut them out. I always wanted to cut them all in the same shape, of course my favorite shape was a cat. But my mom would make us use all the boring shapes also. Sometimes from small pieces we would make our own shapes. It always was so much fun in the kitchen around holidays!

It was those sweet memories that carried me through lonely nights and holidays, as I came to America as 18 year old to study. I always missed my family around the holidays. But since, I have been blessed from the Lord by a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful boys.  We started making our own traditions and memories of Christmas and cookie making. However the boys want to make all the cookies ninja turtles cutouts! But I make them to use the boring shape also :) 

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