Brown Butter Baking Class: Wednesday, June 12th 6-8pm

Brown Butter Baking Class: Wednesday, June 12th 6-8pm


Learn to make delectable brown butter and use it in delicious recipes!

Take home your own beautifully decorated 6" brown butter cake!

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Brown Butter Baking & Decorating Class:
Wednesday, June 12th 6-8pm

Brown butter, or beurre noisette as it is called in French, has an irresistible toasted, nutty aroma that incredibly enhances baking recipes. In this delicious class, we will learn:

-To Make Brown Butter
-Brown-Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
-Brown-Butter Cake
-Brown-Butter Buttercream & Piping Rosettes

Each participant will take home their own 6" cake decorated themselves with buttercream rosettes, as well as a few cookies.


 Please arrive 10 minutes before class start time. There is ample free parking throughout Medina Square, but we do recommend giving yourself enough time to park and arrive to class on time as there are often events in Medina Square, which may require more time for parking.

Class registration is non-refundable. While we have a no-cancellation policy, if you do wish to cancel your reservation, we will gladly offer a refund if we can find a replacement for your reservation. 
By registering for the class, you consent to Buttercream & Olive Oil LLC and all affiliated organizations using any photography or videography to be used on their websites, social media platforms, and any other type of printed or promotional campaigns for an indefinite amount of time.