Creme Puffs and Eclairs: Choux Pastry Workshop: Saturday, December 28th 9am-Noon

Creme Puffs and Eclairs: Choux Pastry Workshop: Saturday, December 28th 9am-Noon


One of our more advanced classes, this workshop covers a variety of recipes integral to making authentic French choux.

Customer reviews for this class:
”I took the choux pastry class and was completely blown away! Jennifer is not only an excellent instructor, but also cultivates a great sense of community among classmates. I had so much fun, learned so much, and left confident I would be able to recreate the recipes at home. I have been singing Buttercream and Olive Oil's praises to anyone who will listen and can't wait to take my next class!”

“Today we made cream puffs and eclairs! This was my second class with Buttercream & Olive Oil. The instructor was amazing, patient and easy to understand her directions. Looking forward to taking more of Jennifer Thornton’s classes.”

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Choux Pastry Workshop:
Saturday, December 28th 9am-Noon

This 3 hour workshop will include:
-Choux Pastry Dough & Piping Cream Puffs and Eclairs
-Craquelin recipes
-Pastry Creams
-Brüléed Italian Merengue and Chocolate Glaze
-Take Choux home to enjoy with family and friends!

Please arrive 10 minutes before class start time. There is ample free parking throughout Medina Square, but we do recommend giving yourself enough time to park and arrive to class on time as there are often events in Medina Square, which may require more time for parking.

Class registration is non-refundable. While we have a no-cancellation policy, if you do wish to cancel your reservation, we will gladly offer a credit if we can find a replacement for your reservation. 
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