Camargue Fleur de Sel

Camargue Fleur de Sel


This Fleur de Sel is special as it comes from the glorious Camargue region of Provence.

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Fleur de Sel is unique. It is the top layer of salt that forms that must be harvested by hand and is only done so by women. Delicate and aromatic, this white salt does not have the mineral rich taste of the deeper levels of sea salt.

Most of the Fleur de Sel that we find here is from the Northwest Brittany region of France. In Provence, there is a gorgeous region by the sea called Camargue. The French call it a ‘little Argentina’. There are flamingos, wild white horses, and taureaux or French bulls. Their specialties include rice, tellines, and fleur de sel. I am certainly partial to Camarguaise Fleur de Sel!

From Aïgues Mortes, Camargue. 4.4oz

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