"From Olive to Olive Oil"

"From Olive to Olive Oil"


Learn all about making olive oil, specifically French Olive Oil in this illustrated educational novel.

Written by Christine Cheylan, Translated by Jennifer Thornton

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In 2009, I met Christine Cheylan, the Queen of Olive Oil in France. She invited my to live in her château and work in her olive oil mill, the largest in France, for two weeks…yet I stayed for two years! This book that Christine wrote and I translated into English is a educational and engaging look at olive oil, told through our special story.

The book opens with us meeting and her teaching me everything about olives and olive oil. It highlights her family’s estate, Château Virant, and also talks about unique French olive varieties. Two of our most famous recipes are included at the end: my Olive Oil Sundae and Christine’s Goat Cheese and Garlic Spread.

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