Cleveland-Made Organic Cotton Tea Towel with Madder Root

Cleveland-Made Organic Cotton Tea Towel with Madder Root


Organic Cotton Tea Towel sewn in Cleveland and naturally dyed with plants.

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These tea towels are handcrafted and sewn in Cleveland, made with organic cotton fabric. We then naturally dye them with plant materials. This lot is dyed with madder root, which makes for a lively peachy-pink. Due to the nature of natural plant-based dyes discussed below, we recommend this lovely towel for light work use.

Each tea towel is 21” x 28” with a fabric hang tab.

About Natural Dyes: Dyeing with plant material results in unique and interesting colors and designs. There may be imperfections, but that is what is part of the beauty of natural dyes, besides being nontoxic and green-friendly. Natural dyes may be sensitive to light and washing, color may fade over extended time.

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