Naturally Dyed Vintage French Linen: Rustic

Naturally Dyed Vintage French Linen: Rustic


Vintage French Linens recently brought back from France dyed with native and natural resources the old-fashioned way!

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Unique Vintage French Linen:
This vintage piece has beautiful lace trim throughout the entire piece. The main portion has beautiful lace and embroidered designs throughout. We’ve naturally dyed it with madder root.

Rectangular Shaped with fabric loop to hang. Dimensions: 27” x 39.5”

About Natural Dyes: Dyeing with plant material results in unique and interesting colors and designs. There may be imperfections, but that is what is part of the beauty of natural dyes, besides being nontoxic and green-friendly. Natural dyes may be sensitive to light and washing. The should be hand-washed or delicate cycle with ONLY mild dish soap. We do not recommend laundry detergent.

Local Pickup available in Strongsville anytime or Medina during any of our classes.
No returns or exchanges. Thank you!