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Cooking & Baking Classes in Northeast Ohio

Local | Seasonal | Organic


Ingredients Matter

For us, ‘local’ is not a trend, it is a way of life. This is why we source every possible ingredient locally. It represents quality, community and accountability. We believe it is important to know who is producing your food and how they are producing it. The items we cannot source locally are sourced organically or purposefully; we spend a good amount of time researching ingredients and sources. You also will not find any dyes or flavorings in our classes either. We believe it makes all the difference and we hope you will too!


Upcoming Classes


French Macaron making on New Day Cleveland Fox 8.


We love customizing a private class for your group or special occasion. Contact Jennifer to plan your private class.


We offer a small selection of specialty goods either locally handcrafted or specially sourced from France.

I have attended many of the classes offered. I have enjoyed and learned so much from Jennifer.
— Attendee
Jennifer was so much fun as an instructor. I took the French Macaron class and it was very fun and extremely informative!
— Attendee