Make Your Own French Tomato Powder

Living five years in France, I was blessed to work along side of some of the country’s legendary characters. People like the ‘queen of olive oil’ and the ‘king of Provence’. These of course are not official titles, but remarkable characters none the less. They, along with a few others, have taught me so much about Provençal traditions and ‘savoir-faire’, and instilled in me a passion for Provençal culture and community.

Many of these traditions are culinary related, more of which I will share with you as the seasons come around. Seeing as we are in the height of Ohio’s tomato season, I am busy making tomato powder, just as I learned to in France. Tomato powder is delightful...especially in the middle of winter. It is a tart yet delicate burst of Vitamin C in a jar...and made with seasonal fresh tomatoes, completely local. It goes great on pasta, eggs…the possibilities are numerous! Currently, I’m using it for kind of a crazy recipe: Tomato Buttercream French Macarons for an heirloom tomato festival coming up this Sunday.

Tomato powder is ridiculously simple to make, but a dehydrator does come in handy. If you don’t have a dehydrator, use your oven on the lowest setting. I use Roma tomatoes and process them whole…couldn’t be easier!

Tomato Powder
-About 1 peck tomatoes
-2 teaspoons salt

Wash tomatoes and add whole to a high powered blender. Add salt and puree until completely, perfectly smooth. Pour onto lined sheets and dehydrate or bake on low. When all the moisture is gone, sheets will be thin and brittle. Break into pieces and add a few at a time into blender. Powder will form. Store in an airtight glass jar away from excess humidity or heat (but not in fridge), as the powder is natural and will have a tendency to clump. Keeps well over a year.

Jennifer Thornton
Owner & Educator, Buttercream & Olive Oil


French Tomatoes

from Lolo’s garden, Mas de la Pyramide